When a full refurbishment isn’t needed, simply re-dressing a space can completely transform the look and feel of one room, or a whole house.

Dressing can include re-arranging furniture, recycling and refreshing old pieces through upholstery or customisation, hanging a new feature wallpaper, a change of lighting, re-framing art, new rugs… Think of it as interior “make-up”.

We regularly dress spaces for property developers who want to entice buyers by lending a homely, designer look to a property they’re about to put on the market.

If you’d like to discuss a Dressing job for an event, a pop-up business or your own home, contact us and we’d be happy to organise a consultation.

Rescap Partners and Domaine Deluxe are two of our regular clients with whom we collaborate on a regular basis. Please follow the links to their websites below. We also have a lasting relationship with The Phene and are often called in to re-dress spaces within the building for private parties and seasonal events.
ResCap Partners
Domaine Deluxe Developments
The Phene Winter Garden